Saturday, September 5, 2009


There is something about putting the horizons in the middle of the images in these stitches. It may have to do with standard formal composition, yet I cannot help thinking about the plumes of smoke that fill the sky with matter from the ground. Rather hard to explain clearly at this point, except to say that the land is also the sky in these combos and I like it. I'd also like to think that a little vertigo comes into play.


TenMile said...

You are getting there. This one shows some head nod to the rules of thirds, planes, squares and balls.

Line breads and the triangular mass ease the semetery.

TenMile said...

Line - breaks

Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not sure what TenMile is saying, but I agree, er, at least I think I do. Another nice shot.

Crash said...

I suppose the artist in you doesn't care, but it seems you could make some $ off this series. Someone would pay to have one or more of these on their wall. How big do you think they could be without losing their effect?

I would buy some myself, but there is no room around my gray metal shelving decor!

TenMile said...

Mmm. Mojo. Divide the view finder into thirds, vertically/horizontally. Nine squares.

Offset subject of interest to a third.

Vertically/horizontally. Rules of thirds.

Art. Visually appealing paintings need depth. Photos also.

Inclined planes, ciruclar masses, squares lend dep;th and interest.

TenMile said...

Sorry Mojo. I was having trouble with my blood sugar.

I shouldn't do this on anothers blog, but look at the bird I attached your name to.

Plain but pretty.

Rectangle - bird. Offset to left one third.

Inclined Plane - the twig.

Pllane and simple, effective when the circles of eye, head, and body are seen. The tail adding depth and interest in the pieces (broken lines) and curvature.

bastin is composinng monotone composites. A painted wall. He needs depth: broken lines and masses to lead the eye back, from top to bottom or versa.

He is coming closer to his goals and doing so the best way - doing.

I'm enjoying watching the attempts.

Memphis MOJO said...

i see what you mean about bastin playing and doing with it. I also see the thirds horizontally, but don't quite get them vertically, but I grasp, overall, what you mean.

what bird in the second part?

(sorry bastin for intruding)

Dad/Geoff said...

Here is a website that has pictures n' stuff about the rule of thirds:

Geoff / OB