Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Slipping into darkness

Dear Poker Stars,

First of all, I would like to apologize for removing winnings from my account a couple months ago. While the money was sorely needed here on the home front, I understand now that I was doing both you and I a great disservice. (I use the word “you” intentionally, for while it can at times be used to indicate a plurality, I prefer to think of “you” in the singular, as a person; and I believe laws regarding how a corporation should be viewed will back me up here. No behemoth, you, my friend.)

As I do indeed consider us to be friends, I owe it to you to tell you just how much fun I have using your software. After I made my initial deposit of $150, you gave me quite a thrill, I’ll tell you! Losing half of my roll in a short period only to then take that $75 and build it up to $650 in seemingly just as short a period, and then lose 1/3 of that so quickly that it was almost as if it just disappeared from my account overnight… who could ask for more excitement?! Thank you!

I would also be remiss if I were to fail to compliment you on the many, many software updates. The color-coding of rooms I am in or waiting to sit was pure genius! And while I have not been able to detect just how all of the other updates have improved the site, I want to assure you that your diligence has not gone unnoticed!

I wish other players felt the same way I do. I must tell you that some of the people who I play with have said some mighty nasty things about you. Yet, I want you to know that I came to your defense! One guy even insinuated that when he removed money from his account that you made it so he would consistently lose thereafter. I asked him how that could be so, and why Pokers Stars would want to do such an unthinkable thing when you must surely make a goodly amount of money just from the rake. Of course he could not give me an answer! And you know what? I think he actually likes Poker Stars as much as I do because he didn’t leave either when he got beat time and time again. Why would someone stick around if they thought the game was rigged? Why!?! It makes no sense.

Yet, there must be a reason. Here’s what I think: Poker Stars is a great learning tool. It helps improve one’s poker game in myriad ways. My board and player reading skills have improved immensely in the year or so I have been with you. I can now recognize when I am a 4 to 1 favorite on the turn, and how smart of you to make sure the hand goes to an all-in showdown to see that I can only be beaten by the two, three or four-outer that comes on the river. I cannot think of a better way to show me that I am playing great poker. It may seem like I go kicking and screaming into our future as friends, but now I know that you are only looking out for my best interests. Thank you for driving that home.

And now, my friend, we are nearly back to that magic number 75. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but do you think I could start winning again? I know there aren’t the same well-taught lessons to be learned from success as there are from failure, but here’s a thought: if I started to build a bankroll again, then maybe I could move up from the mini-micro games and begin to learn from some of the better-rolled players. Even if the lesson I learn is how to lose bigger, I think it might be good for my continued education.

I know you already gave me a chance to advance to the next level in my education, and believe me, I am eternally grateful, if somewhat the prodigal son in this matter. If we didn’t need the money at the time, I don’t suppose I would have EVER taken money out of my account. And again, if I would have understood then the insights gained by losing when I should most likely have been winning, cashing out NEVER would have crossed my mind, I just know it.

So, how about it? Can a guy catch a break once in a while?

Sincerely and warmly yours,



Forrest Gump said...

If only it were that simple B. I did hear an rumour that dancing naked under a full moon may go some way to undoing the run-bad curse.

Memphis MOJO said...

I've mentioned this before (on Matt Tagg's web site), that when I run bad, I change games. I switch from sit and goes to cash or vice versa. I switch from Omaha to limit, etc. Dropping down in levels is another way to change things up. I switch from online to live, etc.

Or, sometimes I just quit for a few days. When I return to the tables, I'm ready to play again. In the meantime, I might write a letter and put it on my blog like you did. (It was cute, by the way.)

I believe that part (not all) of "running bad" is getting in a rut, doing the same things over and over. By switching, you get out of the rut.

This may sound superstitious, but maybe not?

bastinptc said...

MM - Superstitious? Compared to FG's response, no. A break may be in order or the lunar reference might become a reality.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! The cash-out curse! I've been hit with it too. I cashed out $150 at then end of August and immediately went on a 15 buy-in down swing, losing almost exactly another $150. Strange coincidence? Or rigggggggged!


Crash said...

I am placing the hefty weight of my poker reputation in favor of MOJO's approach.