Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don’t get me wrong

My letter to Poker Stars must have landed on the right desk. Updated software brought me a set of jacks in the SB. It might be the $10NL game that has me building back from a pittance one again. But I didn’t stick around long enough to make an assessment. I dropped in to see if Sis was around. She wasn’t, so off to where we first met, Poker Academy, now in death throes. Free sites everywhere one turns, so why pay for the software up front to learn?

Learn? Some. Dewey has something to say about this. Hard knocks can be had anywhere. You get what you pay for. Something like that. I get back to even and look for an art magazine to read. I see a photo I like. It’s for a fashion designer’s new line.

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately. Art stuff. I could bore you with it. Theory. I’m gearing up to talk the talk should the need arise. Problem is, it’s all talk. Not the theory. The jar. The same jar as twenty years ago. Glass endures. I can hear the ocean. It’s mostly commercials.

So I walk the dog. The tree frogs are chirping in the dripping leaves.

And pour a scotch.


Forrest Gump said...

Yes, its sad how its being run into the ground. It's a shame they decided to head into a new market already saturated with Prospector. They could had concentrated on their core product where they still have a good bunch of players serious about learning and improving, and maybe listened to all the requests for non holdem games.

Memphis MOJO said...

I would have paid to learn Omaha or Omaha-8. That's the next frontier. Yes, I can read books, play micro-stakes, etc. but a structured situation accelerates the learning curve.

TenMile said...

The problem is that music in the day light on a public beach.

Think evening, no screaming sea gulls, dirty washing sand or people; think small round rock beaches, clear washing waves, flickering reflections of a small driftwood fire.

The whiskey a grade higher than . . Blended?

bastinptc said...

TM - yes, it is a problem. Accepted the shortcomings because of my ocean reference. There is another of the same song on YouTube that shows a hand with a cigarette and ashtray, which, to my mind is more apropos. Unfortunately, the last ten seconds or so of the song is cut off, killing the mood.

My scotch is a cheap blended, which reinforces the mood of want.

Forrest Gump said...

jazz + slow burning ciggy in an ashtray a little cliched though? How do you associate images with jazz though....?

bastinptc said...

FG, yes, a bit clichéd, and good question. I generally just listen, yet occasionally there is some synchronicity to what I am doing at that moment. Yet, more often, the music will take me to a place that is, of course, not a place at all but a state of mind.

TenMile said...

Re: Comments in another place.

One must admit a certain challenge to the interest; both making and keeping.